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Maravigghia, translated from the Sicilian dialect literally means Wonder, was born in February 2020. Behind this reality there is the idea, the commitment and the perseverance of our founder Salvo Randazzo: "Palermo is my wonder, a city that I had to leave for many years and where I returned to live in 2015, at the end of 2019 I had to decide whether to leave again to work outside the region or try to create an opportunity and stay in my land. So, with fear but determination, I wanted to choose to share my love for Palermo by making it available to my future guests ".

The claim is "Responsible Hospitality", because it offers to make tourism and hospitality responsibly, supporting the micro electric mobility and the Sicilian agri-food production, thanks to the partnership with Assapurari a non-profit cultural association that promotes small local Sicilian producers

The main axis is always culture, fundamental engine of tourism, which Maravigghia carries out through partnerships with licensed tour guides and thanks to the free use of Travel Mate app, a digital audio guide through which guests can discover the wonders of the historic center of Palermo. Maravigghia Palermo promotes a plastic-free ethic and takes care of the urban context where the apartments are located, supporting non-profit associations such as Retake Palermo, an association dedicated to safeguarding urban decorum, and promoting critical consumption together with Comitato Addio Pizzo.

Since January 2021 Maravigghia has seen a strong contribution and support from its co-founder Francesco Romano: “After 6 years outside the region, I returned to Sicily to bet on this land. My studies and my love for this land have sparked a strong enthusiasm in me and the desire to do responsible hospitality. A big thank you goes to Salvo for sure that he allowed me to enter his world. "

Nowaday Maravigghia consists of 1 holiday home and 4 apartments distributed in the historic center of Palermo and Cultural & Tourism Hub.

Follow us and let yourself be amazed!
Salvo & Francesco

It’s not just "a place to sleep"!


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