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From Maravigghia the wonders of Sicily!

Although the temperatures are still hot, autumn is upon us and with it the desire to disconnect one day from the chaos of the city and take refuge in some village or lost in the nature.

So we decided to give you some tips on some places easily accessible from Palermo that absolutely deserve to be visited during your stay at one of our facilities.

Are you ready to discover them? Let's begin!

  • Cefalù: about 70 km away from Palermo, the village of Cefalè is a destination not to be missed if you are in Sicily. Easily reachable in 1 hour by car or by train from Central Station, Cefalù will remain in your heart thanks to its hospitable historic centre made up of ancient houses and narrow streets that intersect each other. The town is dominated above by its famous Cathedral, included in the Arab-Norman UNESCO site and by the Rock, the mountain on which, even today, the archaeological remains of the first Phoenician settlement can be visited. Finally, the beach full of crystalline sand frames this enchanting village.

  • Erice: if what you are looking for is an excursion away from the sea, Erice is for you, even if the sea is always there, visible with its wonderful Egadi Islands. Built on the mountain overlooking Trapani, this medieval village will take you back in time. Absolutely visit the Castle of Venere and the Tower of King Federico and contemplate the nature and silence around you. The famous "Genovese" of Erice certainly deserves to be tasted: we do not reveal the reason but we leave you with this curiosity!

  • Castelbuono: immersed in the Madonie Natural Park (which obviously deserves a separate visit), Castelbuono was built on an ancient Byzantine village, but it is thanks to the powerful Ventimiglia family that it sees its splendor, during which the medieval castle was built. However, the country is much more famous for its great variety of desserts, including Panettone (who says it is only from Northern Italy?) And, unique in the world, the Sicilian Manna, extracted from the ash trees present exclusively in that area.

  • Corleone: sadly known for its past, today this famous town is seeing the light again thanks to the interest on the part of the Municipality and local associations in promoting its artistic and natural beauties. Get lost in the churches and alleys of the historic center, the inhabitants of Corleone will be more than happy to advise you on what to visit. But what deserves its visit is the presence of two natural places: the Waterfall of the two Rocche and the natural reserve of Ficuzza. The first is located at the edge of the village and you will be amazed by observing the large waterfall that breaks on the ground, while the Ficuzza reserve boasts about 7,400 hectares and is an ideal place for couples and/or families who intend to spend a pleasant day in the park enjoying a delicious picnic or going to the different farms present there.

These are just some of the many places close to Palermo, for this reason we recommend at least a week to visit Sicily. Choose your apartment and we will be at your disposal to give you many other tips. And if you go to one of these places, don't forget to tag us on our Fb and Instagram channels.

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