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Viva Palermo e Santa Rosalia!

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Anyone who is in Palermo starts their tour from the most famous square in the city. "Piazza Villena", or better known as the "Quattro Canti", represents the beating heart of the city, from which the four historical districts of Palermo branch off.

  • Albergheria, which houses the famous "Ballarò" market, one of the largest in Europe.

  • Monte di Pietà, best known for its local market, the "Capo"

  • Tribunali or Kalsa, the historic district of merchants and artcraftmans

  • Castellamare, known for the famous market painted by Renato Guttuso, the "Vucciria".

Each district hides unique treasures for their artistic and architectural value, just untangle the narrow streets and your gaze will stop at the sight of a Baroque dome, an Arab-Norman church or an aristocratic palace that lived its glory before the last world conflict.

Palermo is mystical, magical and hypnotic!

Regarding the "Quattro Canti", we advise you to look up to the sky. The square is called Teatro del Sole, because at any time of day the sun's rays hit at least one elevation of the square. Around you 4 Baroque facades welcome you to Palermo: on the 1st order admire the 4 seasons, on the 2nd the Spanish viceroys who ruled the city and on the 3rd the 4 patron saints… yes, four?

Isn't Santa Rosalia, "a Santuzza", the only patron saint of Palermo?

How come it's not at the top?

To answer this question we should tell you about the miracle of Santuzza and some historical events that affected Palermo in the 1600s, but we leave you with keep in suspence for those who do not know this story!

We will tell you in the next article why she is not depicted in the Quattro Canti and why she is now venerated more than the other Saints. However, Santa Rosalia observes them from nearby, located on top of "Palazzo delle Aquile", seat of the municipality, which overlooks the beautiful "Fontana della Vergogna".


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