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5 valid reasons to come on holiday to Palermo during winter season

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

We have always been used to thinking of Sicily and Palermo as summer or spring tourist destinations, due to its mild temperatures, ideal for a swim in the sea and its vast range of outdoor events, but...have you ever wondered what this magnificent city offers earth during the winter?

You won't believe it, but we at Maravigghia Palermo have found 5 valid reasons to come to Sicily and Palermo during Christmas/winter period!

Don't believe it? Let's start!

  1. The climate: except for a few days, the winter temperature here is always around 10-18 degrees due to a sharp change in temperature, offering perfect moments to enjoy the sun! Outfit needed? Dress up in onion!

  2. The sea in winter: the feeling of walking along Mondello beach during the holidays is something unrepeatable that will give you a lot of tranquility and peace. Take a towel with you and throw yourself on the beach with a shy winter sun

  3. Musical events: Palermo is beautiful both in summer and in winter, due to its large range of shows and events scattered throughout the city! From festivals such as the Jazz Fest which takes place in January to the theatrical programming of the Teatro Massimo, which certainly deserves to be seen during a ballet or an opera. Furthermore, for the youngest, the city offers various musical events organized in clubs located throughout the historic centre, we recommend that you always check out the events on Facebook to find out where to go dancing during the weekend!

  4. Christmas: it certainly won't be the Christmas markets of South Tyrol but Palermo, during the holidays, dresses up in many lights and colors! From the markets of via Emerico Amari to the glittering shop windows of Via Libertà... the desire to go shopping is bound to come!

  5. The offer of cultural monuments: many tourists take it for granted that Palermo should only be experienced outdoors but this is not the case! There are many monuments that deserve a visit inside, even during rainy days and if you ask a Palermitan, surely he has never visited all these places either. What are we talking about? From museums such as the Salinas, the GAM, Riso or Abatellis up to the marvelous eighteenth-century buildings scattered throughout the historic center, which once belonged to aristocratic and noble families such as Palazzo Comitini, Palazzo Asmundo and Palazzo Mirto. Of course, don't forget the monuments of the Arab-Norman site which must be visited internally for their unique beauty!

And if we haven't convinced you yet to visit us during the winter, contact us for further advice on many other itineraries and destinations to visit in Sicily and choose your stay on our official website.

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